Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cyclocross Mafia is pleased to announce another $800 donation to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). Through partnership with MOB Racing and the Des Moines Cyclocross Weekend, a generous donation was made from the event promoters.

Through promotion of cyclocross racing in Iowa the past seven years, the Cyclocross Mafia has donated nearly $7,000 to the organization and helped raise visibility of the disease through the midwest.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fixie Commuting This Fall

I've had a good time relaxing and not riding my bike because I have to, but because I want to. I've decided that bike racing is not something I care much for anymore, so may as well do what I enjoy. This year I've tried a few new things...
  1. Bagged It - Rode 150 miles in 24 hours with a fully-loaded touring cyclocross rig. RAGBY with Kent Carlson, Sam Lopez and Ryan Hanser was wicked. I forgot I could have so much fun riding so slow. Definitely in the gameplan for next year.
  2. Fixed It - I still need to punch Andy Lueke in the face, but I guess I can let bygones be past at this point. Despite the fact riding a fixie takes talent and finesse, both of which I'm lacking, I've gotten pretty good at it. Charlie Wittmack gave me the pointers on a good kickstop and I could barely walk a day later from sore hips and hammies. This is definitely my fave mode for cruising around town now.
  3. Ride As One - Three of my bikes are now 1x1. It's a choice of equipment, not a bike racing category.
Definitely adopting my new mantra for the rest of the year... exbikeracer

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How Close is Des Moines to Valhalla?

I pulled this from Outside a few years ago as a quasi-report card for our progress as a community. We're getting there.


Somewhere between a community's basic necessities (good schools, low crime, reasonable real estate) and its most coveted luxuries (singletrack in the backyard, Class III whitewater on the outskirts of town) are the little perks that can make the difference between a fine outdoor-sports town and a downright dreamy one. Here's our highly subjective recipe for perfection, the ingredients in no particular order: 

* Seasonal farmers market 
* Outdoor lap pool 
* Artsy movie house 
* Bike lanes 
* natural-foods grocery 
* Resident oddballs 
* Water running through it 
* Climbing gym 
* International-magazine newsstand 
* Plans to fight sprawl 
* Clean air 
* Outdoor music venues 
* Dog parks 
* Local parades 
* Alternative weekly 
* Good local public radio 
* Fresh-fish vendor 
* Outdoor-skills clinics 
* Juice bar 
* Summer mountain-bike racing series 
* Minor League baseball 
* Big trees 
* Sunshine

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'll be presenting the keynote "IBD for Dummies: Perspective From a Dummy." Basically, it is asking what is IBD to the uninformed (moi)? Honestly it is no different than any other health issue out there, whether cancer, heart disease, diabetes - it is important to talk about the disease, treatment, coping and connecting.

Also, I'll be talking with youth & teens about "If You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It." It is a quote from Yogi Berra, but says a lot about Crohn's and Colitis. What did Crohn's and Colitis take from you? What did it give to you? I contend it gives people a voice - something to talk about and help spread information and acceptance within the community.

In other news, I've started physical therapy for my quadricep and IT band pain. Looks like some lack of stretching is coming back to haunt me. Oops.

Learn more at the CCFA Iowa website

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We took over Newton with cyclocross once again! Thanks to the racers, family, friends, volunteers, Rick Paulos, and our sponsors for the sweet prizes and schwag! 

Cash prizes were supported by UME COMPETE - stay tuned for more information about this exciting organization!

The Jasper Winery had a case of their finest for sampling and prizes for the Masters and Women's winners.

Greg Rasmussen and the gang at Rasmussen Bike Shop sponsored killer schwag and prizes - also providing the great sound system.

Active Endeavors has joined in a big way as supporters of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Iowa Chapter and threw out some great gift cards.

Bike World Merle Hay had a HUGE box of schwag to distribute.

Thanks to Goodtimes Mfg and Garrett Davis Graphic Design logos...check out the great shirts at the cool 'cross kids this fall!

Graziano's Italian Grocery in Des Moines and Hy-Vee in Newton supplied great Italian Sausage patties, hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks. Thanks to my father, Tom Hollander, for running the grill for racers and fans all day!

Oakley had a great schwag bag for the raffle!

Court Avenue Brewery threw us a keg of their famed India Pale Ale and three growlers of Root Beer for Junior winners.

And the raffle was the best part of the day - we gave away two cyclocross bicycles from Rasmussen Bike Shop and Specialized to Lane Anderson (TriCross Sport) and Steve Fuller (Singlecross). Congrats to the other TEN winners of BOS Schwag bags! Thanks to everyone who participated so we could make yet another great donation to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Iowa Chapter.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Knee is totally screwed up, so as they say, "are you racing for the next two weeks, or twenty years?" I'll take the latter and get a professional to look at it next week.

So that means I'll be cheering and jeering everyone on tomorrow - see you in the morning!

Cross Raffle 2008 Final List - the final 48 tickets will be sold on Sunday at the race. Drawings will be after the final event!
  1. Randy Catron
  2. Mitch Matthews
  3. Brent Hauser
  4. Dave Olson
  5. Kyle Sedore
  6. Kyle Sedore
  7. Cara Hamann
  8. Matt Gumm
  9. Matt Gumm
  10. Travis Jass
  11. Cully Todd 
  12. Taylor Webb
  13. Taylor Webb
  14. Chad Vandelune
  15. Todd Gillihan
  16. Jimmy DeMatteis
  17. Jimmy DeMatteis
  18. Doug Klahsen
  19. Amy Jardon
  20. Jeff Corcoran
  21. David Vanderhorst
  22. Kurt Benson
  23. Kurt Benson
  24. Sheri Robinson
  25. Tre Wilson
  26. Molly Wince
  27. Steve Fuller
  28. Mike Johnson
  29. Mike Johnson
  30. Mike Johnson
  31. Mike Johnson
  32. Jamie Jorgensen
  33. Darcy Sanford
  34. Molly Wince
  35. Jerome Rewerts
  36. Matt Scotton
  37. Barbara Hardy
  38. Duke Reichardt
  39. Paul Kruse
  40. Tom Eaton
  41. Mike Shumway
  42. Mike Shumway
  43. Mark Easler
  44. Jason Plunkett
  45. Jason Plunkett
  46. Rik Shannon
  47. Rachelle Little
  48. Rachelle Little
  49. Kristen Burgess
  50. Kristen Burgess
  51. Michelle Pohlmeyer
  52. Michelle Pohlmeyer

Friday, October 03, 2008

Two days to go before we take over Newton with cyclocross once again! I made the rounds to our sponsors and picked up some sweet prizes and schwag yesterday. 

Cash prizes are supported by UME COMPETE - stay tuned for more information about this exciting organization!

I stopped by the Jasper Winery  to see the Groben family, try out their incredible new Norton red, and get a tour of the new facility. Wow - it is totally incredible what they did. It is like stepping off Flagg Parkway and into Napa! Kudos on the great space and look forward to some great events going on, too! Let's just say I have a case of their finest ready for  Sunday 

 Greg Rasmussen and the gang at Rasmussen Bike Shop are truly special. I've had the pleasure of working with them since developing the Waterworks Park Omnium a few years ago. They stepped up in a big way to make bike racing rise to a whole new level with their support and AWESOME sound system to make us look legit. They're helping us with the raffle yet again and providing some prizes on the day as well.

 Active Endeavors has joined in a big way as supporters of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Iowa Chapter. I picked up some excellent gift cards from Jason and Missy yesterday and a pair of running sandals I've had my eye on for the last year. That's what it is all about - supporting the businesses that support you!

Justin at Bike World Merle Hay is one of my all-around favorite guys. He's the most loyal and giving supporter I know. I've had the opportunity to really work with him at the store and the Warehouse Sales. He knows his stuff about bikes, product selection and how support the sport. Let's just say I've got a BIG box of stuff to open on Sunday!

I don't have the Goodtimes Mfg and Garrett Davis Graphic Design logos... if they even have 'em ;) but, Terry, Angela and G have been fantastic in designing and putting together the most rad cyclocross t-shirt around. It is humbling to hear how much people prize these things - so I'm going to enjoy distributing over 100 this weekend!


Graziano's Italian Grocery in Des Moines and Hy-Vee in Newton are being so kind to help us out with something I've wanted to do for years! My dad will be grilling Italian Sausages, hamburgers and hot dogs on the course on Sunday (yes, like in Belgium!) - so if you think cyclocross is tough... wait until Sunday. We'll take it to a whole new level when you're drooling from the pain and salivating for a good sammich!

Oakley has had the best product on the planet for as long as I can remember and it is always getting better. Check out the latest Radars and specs on the market. They fit great and look rad! Oakley has always been a huge supporter of cyclocross. Thanks for the great O-wear and support.

I'll hear from Mike G. at Court Avenue Brewery this afternoon, but expect a big can of hoppy goodness for the big kids and some root beer for the little kids. I won't tell you how much sugar goes into the root beer, so the kiddie's reaction will be a surprise!

Oh yeah - We made the Newton Daily News yesterday! CHECK IT OUT!